What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

This week at the lunch table, everybody is talking about Mother’s Day… what are you buying, and where are you taking your mother and grandmother to celebrate this day? So, it got me thinking how this day actually started…

It seems quite cliché to think about all the wonderful qualities of our Mums just in time for Mother’s Day, but sometimes it takes this time of year to remember all the great memories and reasons why they’re so special in our lives. Mother’s Day is celebrated in over 46 countries in the world, which originally gave women a day marked to celebrate them in a male-dominated society.

Mother’s Day as we know it began in 1908 when citizen Anna Jarvis organised a memorial for her mother, who was a peace activist in the American Civil War. This service was held at the St Andrew’s Methodist Church in West Virginia, USA, where the International Mother’s Day Shrine remains today. Ever since, the day had become officiated by US Government, spread to other countries by 1914, and now transformed into a global celebration of all that mothers have done for their family and society.

I thought I would ask a few of our staff at Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney about what they love best about their mothers, any special memories they have and about celebrating Mother’s Day each year, just in time for the special day that’s around the corner on Sunday May 12th.

What memories do you have to share about your mother and what you’ve learnt from her over the years?

My mother will be celebrating her 70th Mother’s Day on the 12th May at the age of 97. She has 9 children, 45 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren. What an amazing lady. She can’t remember all the names anymore or who belongs to who, but I have never heard her say a bad word about anybody. She has dedicated her life to her family. When I reflect on the sacrifices she has made over the years for her family, it makes you realise you can achieve anything if you have love in your life. 

Mum’s two great loves have always been her family and her faith. I am not sure how many more Mothers’ days I will be sharing with mum so I have to make everyone special. I will make sure I organise some oysters and prawns. These are her favourite two dishes.  

Peter Tudehope – General Manager

You live interstate to your mother back home in Melbourne, what’s it like living apart from her but remaining so close? What are your favourite qualities?

I have lived apart from my mother ever since I moved to Sydney for work, but I have always been able to stay in touch with my mum. She isn’t big on phone calls or celebrations, but it’s easy to communicate with mum and dad using Facetime, which keeps us connected. I admire her ability to see the good in people and never think negatively of others and I put it down to her loving nature, that’s my favourite quality of hers. She may not be the type of mother to insist on spending all our time together, or insist I make the time to visit more, but she is always there when I need her. I love how she will always put family first, no matter what.

Jennifer – Marketing

Do you have any memorable moments growing up that stick out in your mind?

I grew up in Adelaide when I was younger, so I have great memories of being back there with my mum. She raised me as a single mother without receiving child support, so I am so impressed with how she was able to care for me and my brother with only part time employment. Due to an injury she received as a teenager, she was permanently injured meaning she couldn’t work full time. This later turned into being on the disability pension, so my brother and I learnt to help the family with holding part time jobs and learning about money, budgeting and finance.

This ability for my family to battle through tough times has positively impacted my life, with my mother to thank. Thanks to her, both my brother and I have learnt how to save money and maintain smart habits. This has led to both of us buying properties, cars, starting families and having great jobs, passing on those skills I attribute to her of taking care of your family and making smart decisions in life that can pull you out of trying times.

Brett – Sales

What makes celebrating Motherhood so important?

The best part about Mothers are that they love you unconditionally, and nothing can ever take away that maternal bond between mother and child – and I think that’s really cool. I’d say you also don’t understand Motherhood until you’re one yourself – so there’s many layers and realisations to understand the power of being a mother and the strength you have becoming one.

Celia – Conference and Events

And so, we globally recognise the importance of mothers

Mothers are such a significant influence on their children, and that is an important reason alone to be celebrating the love, commitment and devotion that mothers give to their partner, children and family. Don’t forget to make your mother and/or grandmother feel loved and special this Mother’s Day. Perhaps treat them to breakfast in bed, shout them lunch, or treat them to a high tea experience. After all, it’s their day.

Let us know in the comments below, what does Mother’s Day mean to you?

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